Our Philosophy

We believe the work that we do should enhance your overall sense of well-being. And what makes you feel more confident about yourself than a brilliant smile and healthy teeth? We want you to have confidence in your oral health because smiles make the real first impressions even before you exchange a single word with someone. We want to ensure you are putting your best teeth forward!

We also know that oral health has a dramatic impact on your overall health, which is why Comprehensive Dental Health adheres to the highest standards in dental care, from the products we use to the techniques and procedures employed. Whether it is a simple routine cleaning or a more complicated dental procedure, we make sure it is the best care possible.

Our team at Comprehensive Dental Health knows that not everyone loves going to the dentist. Some people are downright petrified to walk through the door! And while going to the dentist can be a scary or uncomfortable experience for many, we firmly believe it does not have to be. That is why everyone at Comprehensive Dental Health has made it their personal mission to ensure that every single patient has a warm welcome, a comfortable and pain-free appointment, and the best rapport possible with our team of hygienists and Dr. Joseph Tagliarini.

Since Comprehensive Dental Health provides general dentistry services for the whole family, we have also set out to ensure that your child’s first trip to the dentist is a great experience. Before your child’s first appointment, we often recommend that they sit in on one of your cleanings so they can see exactly what goes on and ask all the questions they want about the process. We have found that the more kids understand about the dentist, the less nervous they are.

Everyone at Comprehensive Dental Health cares deeply about the doctor-patient relationship. We know that the more you like and trust our team, the less nervous you will be and the more on schedule you will keep with your checkups (which is much better for your smile in the long run!). We want you to get to know everyone on our team, from the front office to the dentist assistants and hygienists, so you become part of the Comprehensive Dental Health family.

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