Dental Implants

Dental implants are the premium option for replacing missing or heavily damaged teeth — and at Comprehensive Dental Health in New Haven, CT, we can help get you a shiny new set! Schedule a FREE dental implants consultation with our expert team to get started with a personal implant evaluation, individualized treatment plan, and a chance to ask any and all questions that you may have. You’ll be amazed by what implants can do for you, so give us a call today or book an appointment online to get started!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the most advanced, sophisticated, and successful option for replacing teeth that you have lost or that have been heavily damaged and are beyond repair. Essentially artificial teeth, dental implants can fill in the gaps in your smile and offer a sturdy, long-lasting solution that goes above and beyond what other methods like dentures can accomplish.

Implants can also be used to enhance other interventions like traditional bridges or dentures by giving them additional support so that they can be held in place more securely, for stronger, more durable results. Made from slender metal screw crafted from titanium stopped with reliable, elegant porcelain crowns that mimic the appearance of your natural teeth and can be customized to the shape, size, and color you want, implants are versatile, effective, and can give your smile a fresh start.

Why Should I Consider Dental Implants?

If you are missing teeth, dental implants come closer than any other option towards giving you back the form and function of a healthy, natural smile. Stronger and more versatile than dentures, dental implants don’t just give you the appearance of a full set of teeth, but can also help restore your ability to bite and chew. Implants can also have cosmetic as well as practical benefits, as you can customize the appearance of each new replacement tooth.

Implants are also an investment in your future — the titanium screws can last a lifetime with proper care, while the crowns on top typically need to be replaced only once every decade or so. Plus, you’ll love the feeling of confidence that comes from knowing you’re flashing a full, healthy smile when you open your mouth.

Implants are highly flexible. If you need to fill in for just one or two missing teeth, we can do that. However, if you need a whole mouthful replaced, we can do that too!

How Long Do Dental Implants Take?

Getting dental implants is a process. First, you’ll meet with a dentist or oral surgeon to map out a treatment plan. You may also need a bone graft to build up your jaw to the point where it is ready to receive the implants. 

Once your jawbone is ready, your dentist or oral surgeon will gently place the implants into the bone. At that point, you’ll need several months for your new implants to integrate into your jaw to the point where they can provide a stable, sturdy platform for crowns. When this process, called osseointegration, is complete, your dentist will place crowns (or bridges, dentures, etc) on top of your new implants. 

The whole process often takes roughly six months, but the results typically last for far longer.

What Are Single Tooth Implants?

Implant Surgery

Single tooth implants are the standard type of dental implant. These use a single implant topped with a crown to replace a single missing tooth. Highly versatile, single tooth implants can be used on their own or in conjunction with other interventions. 

What Are Implant-Supported Bridges?

Implant Supported bridge

bridge vs. implant

Implant-supported bridges use dental implants to hold a traditional dental bridge in place more securely. A dental bridge is a row of crowns that have been fused together to fill in gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth. Traditionally attached to your remaining natural teeth, bridges can be combined with dental implants for a stronger, longer-lasting hold.

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